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These products can easily double up as highlighters (if you don’t have one at hand)

These products can easily double up as highlighters (if you don’t have one at hand)

There is a reason why highlighters have become the cult beauty product that every makeup look or tutorial is incomplete without ­— from making your skin glow like a Kardashian to highlighting your features, this magic product can actually do wonders for your final look; so much so that you might find yourself exhausting your highlighter stick sooner than expected. I know I do.

However, who says you can’t highlight sans a highlighter? We have compiled a list of smart ways to highlight with your beauty products, that we guarantee are already in your makeup kit. Isn’t it amazing what a little creativity can do?

Illuminating primers

For a lit-from-within glow, try swapping your regular primer for an illuminating one. This will give just the right glow after layering the foundation, and will negate the need of any more highlighter. As a finishing touch, just apply a bit of the same on the Cupid’s bow, lower lips, brow bone and the inner corners of the eye. Instant glam!

Lip balms

Who knew your tub of lip balm can fix your highlighting woes? Just make sure you opt for a clear or shimmery one for maximum effect. However, since this can prove to be a bit sticky, reserve these for ponytail days.

Shimmery eye shadows

If you can’t seem to find the right highlighter shade for you, then try experimenting with sparkly eyeshadows in a myriad of hues and textures. For a subtle look, try pearly shades with a bit of shimmer; heading for a glamorous night out? Go all out with gold and champagne hues that will make you look like a goddess.

Face oils

Face oils are perfect for winters and hence will double up as both moisturiser and highlighter. However, using too much of it, can make your skin look uber greasy. Dab a few drops on the high points of your face to make it look dewy and fresh. You only need a bit to create that sheen, so use it sparingly.

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