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Whiskraft whisked pure magic at the sweet and tipsy bazaar!!

Whiskraft whisked pure magic at the sweet and tipsy bazaar!!

If you are a foodie like me, then food bazaars are one of the best places to put your palette to test. In a city like Mumbai, where food is taken really seriously, there is no dearth of delicious little pop-ups springing up during the weekends. Recently The little door, Andheri hosted ‘The sweet and tipsy Bazaar’, which brought together Mumbai’s best home bakers, patisseries etc under one roof which gave us a much awaited chance to sample some of the sugary treats. The sheer display of delicious cakes, cupcakes, cake jars, cookies, brownies, ice cream, waffles, chocolates was enough to put me on a sugar rush. There were a number of talented home bakers who would have given any shop a run for their money; whiskraft was definitely one of them. Their stall was full of these cake jars which looked so pretty and tasted just as awesome.


Pranita Potnis, who is the magic behind these jars is an all star baker. The flavours on display were – Orange tang, nutella crunch, choco-whiskey and rainbow velvet. Being partial to both whiskey and chocolate, choco-whiskey was my most obvious choice, followed by orange tang for some fruity freshness.



Both the jars were as delicious as I had imagined. The cakes were moist with perfect layers of cream complimenting the overall flavour. While the choco-whiskey was strong and dark, the orange tang had a nice burst of fruity flavour. I loved it, all the more since it is so difficult to get a nice orange cake these days. The best part about cake jars? You dig your spoon in and don’t stop till you are finished 😀


In addition to the desserts, I also bought a singaporean garlic chilli sauce from the Pune Farmers Market.  The dip was delicious and I intend to stock up on some more flavours ( PS: I have my eye on the moroccan harissa).

For all the thirsty souls, there was a line up of beers and some of the best innovative cocktails at awesomely discounted rates. Lots of finger food, pasta and pizzas to hog the afternoon away. I already waiting for the next pop-up.. Hope that happens soon!!

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