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Review- MyGLamm Studio and beauty incubator

Review- MyGLamm Studio and beauty incubator

There has been a growing influx of beauty services being offered at your doorstep. In an age, where technology is booming by the minute, the need for impulsive beauty services has been triggered by the highly evolved and digital savvy consumer. MyGlamm is one such service that offers bespoke beauty services at your doorstep; pamper yourself with on-demand hair, beauty and grooming services by expert artists from the industry at your convenience. They also have an incubator that helps artists to connect with potential clients. This is also the same experienced team that brought to India the finest salons & spas such as the French L’OCCITANE Spas, the New York based Warren Tricomi Salons and the fashionable ELLE Spas & Salons.

I decided to visit their beauty incubator situated at one of the mills in Lower Parel to get my service done rather than calling them at my home.  On entering, the first thing that I noticed was the beautifully done interiors; Vintage chic and full points for creativity. From the brick walls to the brightly pained doors, everything looks chic and well maintained.The place is huge with their own studio, call center as well as the service area equipped with the latest beauty equipment and products.



The entrance
The entrance

My service: Moroccanoil Ritual Hair Spa

Time: 60 mins

With the monsoon wrecking havoc on my poor hair, I had booked an appointment for the Moroccan ritual hair spa which sounded comforting to me. I was introduced to Jyostna, who is a senior stylist here and used to work at VLCC previously. After I gave a brief on my hair condition and texture, she proceeded to do a scalp check and examined my hair thoroughly. After she shared her observations, she gave me a detailed account of the procedure for the hair spa. Here is what it entailed:

  • Since my hair is colored and had gone frizzy, she used the Moroccanoil moisture repair shampoo to wash my hair.
  • My hair was then slathered with a mixture of  Moroccanoil restorative hair mask mixed with Moroccan oil and combed finely so that my entire hair was well covered.
  • This was followed with massage and steam which was so relaxing for a Thursday afternoon.
  • Wash and blow dry



My hair looked visibly shinier, soft and frizz free. It fell into soft waves unlike the rough ones that I came with, and of course it smelled heavenly. I would surely go for this treatment every 20 days to maintain the texture. What stood out for me was the care and the level of hygiene they maintain on a regular basis. There was no sign of hurry or trying to wrap up my service quickly. They are priced quite economically so won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  If you are feeling too lazy to step out, call them them and host a spa party for your girlfriends. The possibilities are endless.

Price: Rs 1,700

Check out MyGlamm at: http://myglamm.com/

Simply call 18003000 to book your appointment.

Consumers can also avail the services with MyGlamm app that will be launching soon on Android & iOS.

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