key accessories for four gorgeous looks!!

Accessories can make or break an outfit. If done right, it can instantly jazz up something very ordinary; on the flipside, over accessorizing or choosing the wrong accessory could instantly ruin a great outfit. However, fret not because we have put together some great looks which could be further accentuated with this season’s key pieces. So stock up on these, and you will never have to face a dull moment in your life!!

Look #1- Studded watches for work wear


Who said Work wear needs to be boring? This fun polka dot dress with the beige peep toes will keep you chirpy on a Monday morning. A citric embellished watch would further complement the dress. Do not forget a pair of vintage sunnies to shield you from the Sun.

We recommend: Polka dot dress (Rs 3,490), MR. Goldies (Rs 1,199), Guess iconic watch (Rs 9,650), Beige Peep Toes (Rs 2,390)

Look #2-Layered necklace for date night

unnamed (1)

A delicate camisole dress is elegant and perfect for a date night. The Golden stilettos add a touch of glamour to the dress. Add a layered neck chain to complete your look.

We recommend: Koovs flamingo palm print strappy camisole dress (Rs 1, 695), Tuscar Layered necklace (Rs 600),  Cirlano Golden stilettos (Rs 4893)

Look #3- Statement necklace for a night-out in town

unnamed (3)


This season, ditch your LBD in favour of the LWD aka the little white dress which looks ultra-chic and is great for layering and accessorizing. Pair it with this fabulous flower bib crystal necklace that is sure to make a statement wherever you go. Contour your face with a dash of bronzing powder and let the recently launched matte shades from Lakme give you sculpted lips in minutes. A pair of satin nude heels will complete this gorgeous ensemble.

We recommend: Long sleevewrap pencil dress (Rs 4990), Cardinal large necklace from Swarovski (Rs 24,900), Charles & Keith Peep toe sandals (Rs 4200), Lakme Absolute Sculpt- Burgundy affair (Rs 700), Two faced beach bunny bronzer (Rs 2,116)

Look #4- Ear cuffs for Sunday brunch with the girls

unnamed (2)

Brunch is the only thing worth leaving your bed for, on Sundays. For a perfectly relaxed brunch look, opt for this flowy aquamarine maxi dress. The tassled ear cuffs would add a dash of sparkle to your afternoon. Complete your look with a pair of metallic gladiator sandals and raspberry hued lips.

We recommend: Aquamarine maxi dress (Rs 1,749), Honey chain ear cuffs (Rs 699), Metallic gladiator sandals (Rs 1,995), Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Limited edition in Raspberry syrup (Rs 1099)

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11 Skin Care Secrets that will change your life forever!!

The road to happiness is paved with a perfect and glowing complexion. While some of us are lucky enough to be blessed with a good genetic pool, gorgeous skin could easily be attained through healthy skin care habits which needs to be developed over time. We give you 11 beauty commandments that will define your skin tone here on. Follow these diligently and flaunt that totally gorgeous skin all year round.

1Cleanse, tone, moisturise


This is the basic to any skin care regime. Wash your face with lukewarm water and gently apply a face cleanser. Rinse. Soak a cotton pad with a facial toner and pat your face with it. Toner shrinks the open pores and helps retain the skin moisture. Follow it up with a moisturizer that matches your skin type. Repeat this two times a day for a healthy skin.

2. Exfoliate



The more the skin breathes, the healthier and radiant it gets. Our skin is exposed to dirt and pollutants on a daily basis. A gentle scrub is best for removing the layer of dead cells making it squeaky clean. However, ensure that the scrub you use is not hard which can cause further irritation to the skin. Home-made natural scrubs made out of sugar, lemon and honey will do the trick.

3. Fortify with refreshing masks


Purifying masks aid in getting rid of toxins which are deeply embedded in our skin. They also even out the skin tone and give a much needed shot of protein and hydration to the skin. DIY masks are easier and far more beneficial than over-the-shelf counterparts. A paste made of yogurt, oatmeal and honey will work wonders for all skin types. Green clay and rose water is also hugely popular and super effective.

4. Remove make-up before hitting the sack


Never ever wear makeup to bed. It clogs the pores while you are asleep and results in the development of acne. A mixture of coconut oil and water acts as an instant make-up remover. Just dab some cotton in the emulsion and swipe it on your face to remove all traces of make-up. It’s really that simple.

5. Use a retinoid cream before sleeping



Retinoid are vitamin A derivatives which boosts collagen production and reduces fine lines for a smoother and an even skin tone. Since the ingredient itself is sensitive to sunlight, use it as a part of nightly care skin routine.

6. Wear sunscreen lotion everyday


We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. Sunscreens combine several ingredients that prevent the harmful UV rays from affecting your skin adversely. Most sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher are great for the job.

7. Exercise


Regular exercising keeps your skin healthy. The oxygenated blood plumps up the skin as well as boosts collagen production, thwarting wrinkles. It also promotes the production of endorphin which help beat stress.

8. Eat right and detox


A balanced diet is crucial to maintaining a flawless skin tone. Consuming antioxidant-rich food and drinks such as green tea, blueberries, tomatoes etc. aid in fighting free radicals which accelerates skin aging and damages the cellular structures of the skin. Drinking at least a litre of water every day is highly recommended since it helps keep the skin smooth, plump and elastic.

9. Go au naturel



Depend on your grandmother’s age old skin care secrets blindly. Slather your skin with natural ingredients such as turmeric, yogurt, oats, honey, lemon etc. which softens the skin, clears marks, diminishes fine lines and is full of unadulterated nutritional properties. Use them at least once a week; your skin will thank you for the TLC.

10. Opt for organic skin care products


Choose organic skin care products and make-up, over those laden with chemicals any day. These products are much gentler than the traditional products and works with the skin to improve its properties. Beneficial ingredients to look for in such products include essential oils, herbs, aloe vera, extracts from seaweed, fruits, shea butter etc.

11. Kick the butt


Last but not the least quit smoking immediately. Smoking dehydrates the skin and makes it dull and prone to rapid aging. This is one habit which is absolutely poison for your skin as well as your body.

Image Source: Pixabay

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Five gorgeous fixes for a bad hair day

Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she goes up to five days without washing her hair. While some people (read me) might call that excessive, there is no denying the fact that we girls also go through similar spells of shampoo-less hair in a week or two. However, unlike Kim, we don’t have an entire crew of hairstylists waiting on us, to style our hair into a catwalk-ready frame. Since bad hair days are literally unavoidable, we give you a few secrets to effortless quick fixes which will make your hair look uber cool; we promise!!

Bad hair day #1- Beach waves

The day after a hair wash is when our hair has a nice texture to it. Hence, this is when tousled beach waves work best. Just spritz some texturizing hair spray (with some sea salt) in your hair and scrunch it. This will give volume and add definition to your waves. For straight hair, apply some curling cream and tie your hair in a bun. Before leaving the house, untie your hair and spray some salt induced spray and voila, you are ready with gorgeous mane.


Beach Waves
Beach Waves

Bad hair day #2- Fishtail Braid

This is one of the go-to styles when my hair is behaving particularly difficult. The fishtail braid is super cute, chic and looks elaborate though it just takes a few minutes. Watch Lauren from ‘One hills’ re-create this style for you.

Bad hair day #3- Messy Side bun

Messy side buns are perfect for date nights. Think a long day of work followed by a date or a fun night out with friends. It will take barely five mins and the best part- no perfection needed; the messier the better. Watch the below tutorial to know more.

Bad hair day #4- Top Knot

The top knot is one of the glamorous options for fixing a bad hair day. It requires zero effort and could be done on the go. What you need is a voluminizing spray, hair brush, hair pins and hair tie. Spritz your hair with your preferred spray, backcomb and tease your hair to get the desired volume. Pull your hair high up in a ponytail at the top of your head. Twist the hair and coil it around itself. Use bobby pins to keep it in place.

Top Knot
Top Knot

 Bad hair day #5- Turban headband

Turban headbands are very boho chic and is a great way to style your unwashed hair. There are so many different ways by you could wear this- either let your hair loose and put the headband on or with a top knot; the possibilities are endless.

Turban headband
Turban headband

In addition to experimenting with tons of different hairstyles, dry shampoos are also a total rage currently. Just spray some dry shampoo on your hair and you are good to go. Alternatively, if you are looking to soak up the extra oil from you hair, rubbing a little baby powder to the roots will also work wonders for your mane.


Image and video courtesy: Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, Pixabay

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Five must have bronzers in your contouring arsenal

Recently I have been consuming the trails of the Kim Kardashian clan quite fiercely. Having read and heard so much of their antics and  not to forget the head turning style (some good, some bad) of Kim herself, I decided to immerse myself in the numerous seasons of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ as well as their respective spin-offs. Apart from the usual dose of drama, what helped me push through the hours, I started looking more closely at some of the high fashion moments that dictated the show. While some of the clothes were totally outrageous, I was quiet impressed by the perfectly contoured face of Kim which led me to search for the perfect highlighter and bronzer. I have been following posts and reading on the art of contouring like a pro, so all that remains now is to find that one perfect product which would suit my skin type and tone to a T.

Unlike those dusky beauties who can get away with a light god tones bronzer, my pale skin appears to need the entire box so as to appear slightly more chiseled.

1. Limited Edition Bronzer from Marks and Spencer

I have tried various bronzers from the brands available in India, out of which, the limited edition Bronzer from Marks and Spencer struck a cord with me and I have been using this ever since.


Limited Edition bronzer from Marks and Spencer
Limited Edition bronzer from Marks and Spencer

The powder is dark brownish in colour and is very matte. Also it doesn’t have a lot of sparkle which I love. You can buy it here. Its also available in select stores across the country.

2. The Two Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer

This is one of my recent purchases and I can’t wait to try it soon. I love the color palette which is a combination of four rich, sun-kissed shades which is great for contouring and highlighting. I chose this specially because it can also be used as a highlighter. Stay tuned for the review coming soon.

Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer
Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer

Isn’t the cover ultra cutee?? You can buy it here.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Pro series contour kit

An absolute must-have and I am lusting over this. A tad on the expensive side but this is on my wishlist. The six shades are apt for contouring and sculpting the face like a pro.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit Medium-Tan
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit Medium-Tan

You can buy this here.

4. Stila Convertible Color Bronzing Duo

The product looks good enough to eat. It’s both a cheek and a lip stain and doubles up as a bronzer. Very convenient when you have a tiny clutch and need to pick the essentials. It has two glowing colors of gold and warm bronze which gives your face a sun-kissed sparkle.

Stila Convertible Colour Bronzing Duo
Stila Convertible Colour Bronzing Duo

You can buy it here

5. St. Tropez Skin Illuminator- Gold

This is perfect for darker complexions as is basically more of a highlighter than a bronzer. It will add a subtle shimmer and radiance to your skin.

St.Tropez Skin Illuminator Gold
St.Tropez Skin Illuminator Gold

Buy it here

Also don’t forget to use a good brush to get that perfect contour and blend on the skin. It’s essential to remember that for highlighting, a light bronzer works but for contouring, its better to get a medium to darker shade so as to sculpt those gorgeous cheekbones perfectly.

Do you have any other product you simply dig and should be added to the list? Please feel free to let us know 😀

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