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Future of Fashion in Mobile-only world

Future of Fashion in Mobile-only world

Since we were a child, some of us have loved shopping and as we grew up, that transformed into an eternal love affair with fashion. As our sense of style and beauty evolved, so did the shopping experience around us. Smaller shops gave way to high street brands, bigger malls and pocket friendly designer wears. While we thought, it couldn’t get any better, e-commerce arrived and took the industry by storm. I have been so used to trial rooms and jostling people for that last pair of shoe, that I was confused as to how will I adapt to it. However, long work hours, being extra lazy and sleeping in on weekends took a toll in my long term relationship with fashion. I wasn’t going to let that happen. That is when I realised the virtues of online fashion, and ever since been addicted. However, after a point it seemed that brands weren’t satisfied engaging us on our work time; they went one step further and added these tiny mobile apps to our phone; so fashion 24X7 now for all. I was ecstatic. Here’s why!!

What does fashion on mobile imply for shopaholics like us?

  1. Nothing haunt us more than the things we don’t buy.
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com

    Very true. I can’t seem to control myself when a cute bag pops us in my screen. ‘I need that piece right now’ has become my favorite line as of late.

  2. Yay!! I can shop all the time
Image Credit: Griphy.com

I love shopping and this has become my full-time job. I am drawing a blank at where I work..

3. Making Deals with the devil

Image credit: Pinterest.com
Image credit: Pinterest.com

Who doesn’t love deals!! And it’s raining deals literally everyday…I don’t have to wait for that busy discount season where I would get mobbed in the shops. I can tap in a discount code and not chip my nails!!

4. Multiple shops without cursing my heels…

Image credit: tumblr.com
Image credit: tumblr.com

I don’t have to take three rounds of the mall before I decide on a white shirt. I can compare multiple bands in one go and not feel cheated.

5. I won’t miss the new collection when they hit the stores

Image credit: Pinterest.com
Image credit: Pinterest.com

Sorry, but I don’t need to be worried about being late purchasing the new spring-summer collection, just because I was busy. Now, it’s in my closet, thanks to that one tap on my phone.

6. Welcome travel time!!


The more travel time I have, the calmer I get; because increased shopping time.

But what I like the most about apps is that it has brought fashion to our fingertips. For consumers like us who love all things arty and stylish, there is nothing better than the quintessential app which has made all our lives so easy breezy; for now, I am thankful that my manicure is getting a good workout.

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